Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Modernity & Tradition - An Artist's Perspective


First broadcast June 4, 2010 
"… I think it is also a matter of continuing a Tradition … in a contemporary sense when you speak of Tradition we think of something which is already dead and buried, … literally closed up in a museum. But for me Tradition is something which is alive, and to keep it alive you have to practice it everyday. And art-making is one of [its] aspects … but … you also have to look at your environment, and your situation and your context …."   

Isn’t it illegal to paint on top of dollar bills? Murad Khan Mumtaz seems undaunted. Host Peter Brock speaks with the Pakistani-born artist about his exploration of the tension between tradition and modernity through the alteration of iconic images (e.g. dollar bills). Through the techniques of traditional Persian miniature painting, Mumtaz creates haunting and ominous images with far-reaching implications.

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