Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workshop & Recently Completed Project in Karachi

In Search of the ‘Time-less’ in Architecture 
A Workshop on:
Geometrical Proportioning
in the Traditional Architecture of Pakistan

Held at NED Karachi
23rd – 28th February, 2010
 Conducted by Taimoor Khan Mumtaz
‘It can be argued that for our cultural context the message and philosophy of traditional art is still culturally relevant and appropriate as a valid artistic expression. At the level of technology, for us in the sub-continent it makes great sense to learn from this tradition. Especially when we see that the technological solutions of traditional architecture are economically viable and environmentally sustainable for many types of buildings. But it is above all the message of traditional art, whose harmony and beauty aims at reflecting something of the “Time-less”, which … is relevant and meaningful not only in our cultural context but at all times and in all places.’
Taimoor K. Mumtaz, In Search of the ‘Time-less’ in Architecture,
Journal of Research in Architecture & Planning, NED
Issue on: “Architectural Practice”(forthcoming)

In connection with the above Workshop we took the students to a recently completed project - The Mazar of Hazrat Ahmed Sahib, in Sakhi Hasan Graveyard, Karachi. These 5 pictures are from that visit. They were taken by Hasan Abbasi a 4th Yr. Architecture student at NED who also interned at KKM Architects this winter.

The 3 images below are our proposals for the Glazed Tile scheme for this project.

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