Monday, April 26, 2010

Muqarnas Experiments

Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

The first Muqarnas executed on a KKM project was at the entrance Iwan of Hafiz Mohammad Iqbal & Baba Hasan Din Mazars project in 2005 ( Image on left) . The plans were made from an Iranian handbook by Architect Shabir Hussain (now working in Quetta) while the 3-D studies were done by Hans-Christian Karlberg from Belgium, who was interning at the office at the time. (For more images of this project visit:

Also see: Hans-Christian Karlberg's page for some glimpses of his time at the KKM office at: under projets > architecture > Mumtaz [internship].

Recently Kamil Sahib has been studying and analysing this form and has developed some original prototypes. Below left: drawings by Kamil Sahib and a model by Hisham, 3rd yr architecture student at Punjab University. Below Right: A constructed version at an on-going residential project off Bedian Road.

In parallel the more traditional Iranian type Muqarnas has also been employed at the Sally Town Mosque and at a Holiday Retreat named 'Bagh-e-Arifin' at Wah Village. Below left: 3-D model by Architect Fatima and Below Right:a box-board model by an internee Fatima from UET's Structural Architecture Department last summer.

For a constructed example of the above Muqarnas see:

For a wonderful web data-base on Muqarnas see

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