Site Visits

Site Visit 21.4.2015 Residence in DHA Lahore Cantt.

Site Visit 6.8.2012 Residence at Nisar Road Lahore Cantt.

Glazed-tile work: designed by KKm Architects, executed by M. Siddique Kashigar of Nasrpur, Sindh.

Site Visit 22.7.2012 Garden Retreat in Wah Village

ARI Residence Wah Village, View of Entrance from NW

View from SE back garden

Double Height Entrance Foyer

Site Visit 17.9.2011 Residence at Nisar Road Lahore Cantt.

Kankar-lime Plaster Finish

Balcony with custom-made Terracotta Jali

Site Visit 9.10.2010 Commercial Plaza Facade in Gujranwala 


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Please visit NCA (rwp)..

nidaa khan said...

Love ur work sir plz visit nca lhr no one cares abt alumni at many respected ppl so successful in feilds bt no one cares thts so sad