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Anjuman Mimaran

The Following Article focuses on the Anjuman Mimaran's work between 2000 and 2005. 

Anjuman Mimaran, Pakistan
By Taimoor Khan
The Anjuman Mimaran is a non-profit society dedicated to raising the standards of architectural design and building construction in Pakistan. By restoring the historical link between architect and craftsman and by developing a profound understanding of our heritage and traditions the Anjuman Mimaran seeks to establish a sound basis for evolving an Architecture which is both rooted in our culture and is meaningful and relevant to the realities of our time. 

Door Designed by Anjuman Mimaran, Lahore, 2000 >

The Anjuman Mimaran (Architects' Guild) was formed in 1988 in Lahore by a group of dedicated architects, engineers and building craftsmen. A Board of Governors manages the affairs of the society, while a full-time coordinator and assistant-coordinator manage the Anjuman's activities.
In pursuance of its stated objectives the Anjuman's activities over the past seventeen years have included, field trips, seminars, exhibitions, publications, conservation, restoration, design and construction work.
An initial aim of the Anjuman was the establishment of 
a school of building arts, but it was immediately recognized that the first priority would have to be given to research. A regular monthly colloquium for persons actively engaged in research into the architectural heritage of the region was organized.
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