Saturday, February 14, 2015

NED Workshop 2015

Workshop at NED, Karachi from 9th – 13th February 2015
Title: Geometry in Design
Taught by: Taimoor K. Mumtaz

Although geometry plays a prominent part in Pakistan’s heritage in the visual arts in general and architecture in particular, but its teaching as a design tool in the schools of art & architecture is disappointingly limited. It can and should be a strong element in a Pakistani architect’s design repertoire. This workshop aims to be an introduction to the study of this facet of our heritage and its application to contemporary design.

Aim, Objectives & Teaching Method:
The use of geometry in design can be divided into three main components:
i) Geometry as pattern for architectural  surfaces or elements like lattice jails in various materials.
ii) Geometry as a tool for laying-out, constructing or drawing forms and elements.
iii) Geometry as a method for achieving harmony of proportions in forms and spaces.

This Workshop focuses primarily on the first of these elements i.e. Geometry as pattern for surfaces and elements. The other two elements would be introduced through lecture presentations. The primary aim of the Workshop is to equip students with basic geometric tools and concepts as well as the application of these to design. This would be achieved through drawing, model-making and a site visit to a contemporary design project.


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